Social Responsibility

Biodiesel has become popular in 1990s, many plants were opened in the countries of Americas and European. They did many researched and developments in past 30 years which have drawn them to publish related policy, regulation and common used in the Europe and America.
Hong Kong has just started the business in Biofuel market and we are the leader to promote the clean and sustainable energy – Biodiesel
Minimized Global Warming effect

In Hong Kong, most of the greenhouse gases are derived from road traffic. Transportation (e.g. vehicles) is typically powered by burning of diesel or petrol, which generates carbon dioxide and aggravates climate change. ASB biodiesel reduce carbon emissions to meet the carbon intensity targets by the Hong Kong Environment Bureau (which reduces the carbon intensity by 65% to 70% by 2030).


Details: Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+

Associated health risks

Transport emissions include a variety of pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, Fine suspended particulates. These pollutants are the major sources of air pollution and damage and affect the health of Human.


1) Cause impairment of brain, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular system.

2) Decrease the function of respiratory and cardiovascular system.

3) Lower the resistance to the infection.

4) Irritate the respiratory system.

5) Cause premature and underweight of new born.


As we can see the sickness of human is keep increasing and hospital system are overloading in Hong Kong. We provide solution and help to lower the emission of air pollutants and protect health of the Human. Enable to reduce the government medical Expenses and health risk of the citizens.


Food Safety
we are re-use wasted cooking oil and grease trap waster from manufacturing and restaurants, thus, the production of waste could be reduce, on the other hand to prevent the health risks from reuse edible of oil.


We produce good quality biodiesel which provide a higher lubricity than conventional diesel; it is more effective and durable.


Economic Development
We help to development recycling industry and waste recycling system in Hong Kong. During the expansion of company, more Jobs create for collection and process of waste oil and grease.

Besides, skilled jobs created in biodiesel production and distribution.