Quality Control

Proven high technologies and environmental protection measures have been adopted for the design and operation of the ASB biodiesel plant.


We adopt multi-feedstock technology from BioDiesel international (BDI) technology, a well proven technology in the design of the biodiesel plant in order to achieve a high efficiency (which is able to utilise oil and grease with a high level of free fatty acids and completely transform them into biodiesel and three useable by-products, namely glycerine, fertilizer, and bioheating oil) and safety standard in the biodiesel production operation.


Hence, No waste will be generated from the biodiesel production process. The biodiesel produced will meet the specification of European standard EN 14214. The technology provider, the BDI, has a long history in developing and implementing waste-to-fuel technology. Over 14 plants are currently operating in Europe and USA and 11 new plants are being constructed have adopted BDI technology.


All wastewaters generated from the site will be collected and treated at the on-site wastewater treatment plant prior to discharge to foul sewer leading to the TKO Sewage Treatment Works. The effluent quality will comply with the discharge standards stipulated in Table 1 of the ‘Technical Memorandum on Standards for Effluents Discharged to Drainage and Sewerage Systems, Inland and Coastal Water’ published by the EPD.


Production operates in a closed system. The exhaust air will be enclosed, fitted and scrubbed with a ventilation and air scrubbing system prior to discharge to atmosphere in order to prevent odour nuisance. Moreover, the Bio gas from on site wastewater treatment plant will be re-used and generated heat and electricity to the biodiesel production process.

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